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We have worked hard in 2012 listening to your suggestions and making sure nuV-Host is the only serious choice for serious virtual mannequin applications. Please take a look at the extensive upgrades we have made to the market leader in virtual workforce products. Contact us at or call (800) 950-3326 to discuss your current project needs and dealership opportunities.

A short video clip of ITMA-Host – a nuV-Host(tm) powered OEM product offered by a dealer in Saudi Arabia. nuV-Host(tm) truly has gone world wide and we are proud to have Imagination Technologies Media and Advertising (ITMA) as a partner serving the entire MENA region. Their we address is

We are happy to announce our newest dealer and partner for offering nuV-Host and digital media solutions to the MENA region. Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Imagination Technologies Media and Advertising will be offering OEM versions of the product, branded ITMA-Host, to countries in the Middle East and North Africa!

Check out our dealer page at for contact information.

Our new partner demonstrates that international communication is absolutely critical for todays global economy! ITMA-Host (and nuV-Host) tackles this head on with the ability to speak multiple languages and represent almost any personality you need delivering your message effectively no matter where in the world you call home.

With nuV-Host . . . we’ve got you covered!

Scheduled for Q3 release 2012 is a major feature enhancement for nuV-Host. The next generation nuV-Host is set to understand spoken language and reply appropriately. Early tests show that this new enhancement allows nuV-Host to interact with audience members in a nature way. Challenges that needed to be overcome included removal of background noise, ability to recognize words that are relevant to questions asks and the ability to accurately recognize words even from users with different accents.

Call us to learn how responding to natural language will help make your nuV-Host as real as it gets in virtual personalities!

nuV-Host(tm) was recognized in a recent article entitled “The Rise of Virtual Mannequins”

As you will see from the article, there are other entries into the market, but as the original interactive display (our first installs happened nearly 7 years ago at trade shows in Toronto Canada), we have spent literally years perfecting our proprietary patent pending platform to accomodate a variety of sensors to fully engage the user in a more natural fashion.

As we like to say “We’re the only virtual mannequin with true personality”.

Please read the full article here.

nuV-Host™ 2012 is now available as a complete wireless solution. Simply connect the unit to its power source and our proprietary integrated system will automatically transmit the video and audio signal to the assigned projector! No more need for lengthy projector or audio and video cables, ensuring a neat display area AND saving you time and money!

We are expanding our dealer network and looking for top exhibit houses across the US and Internationally to share in the growth of the nuV-Host product line. If your organization prides itself on offering the latest innovations in exhibit technologies, please call us at +1-919-334-4032 ext. 2.