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nuV-Host™ is a digital virtual presenter that delivers a custom marketing message directly to a target audience using environmental sensors, artificial intelligence and advanced digital display technologies. Its a complete virtual marketing professional in one compact portable system that is easily transported and quick to setup.

The latest enhancements allow this next generation virtual spokesperson to understand the spoken language and reply appropriately. In addition to the motion, sound and proximity sensors this unique feature engages the audience on a human level creating an engaging experience for trade shows, museums, hospitals, hotels or anywhere you want unsurpassed attention.

nuV-Host provides a cost effective solution with no recurring costs for stage or talent, it’s reusable and customized to attract attention to your brand or product or delivers important messages and information to your target audience.

The creator, nuMedia Innovations is expanding its dealer network and looking for top exhibit houses in the US and internationally to share in the growth of its product line that features animated characters or humans that speak multiple languages.

We are pleased to announce that nuV-Host recently arrived in the Middle East  with the addition of our newest dealer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Founded in 1999, nuMedia Innovations utilizes imaginative technologies to deliver high-impact marketing communications and display technologies. nuMedia is an award winning interactive marketing and education company providing unmatched technology innovation and development.